College and high school students must write compelling essays by synthesizing information and presenting ideas in a flowing manner. Therefore, writing a synthesis essay requires a student to have different skills to ensure they craft a perfect essay.

One of the skills students should have is picking the best topic since there are thousands of synthesis essay topics available from different platforms. While you will have no option in some instances other than research the specific topic, some instances will require you to get your own topic. So, in the event you need to generate synthesis essay questions, we will give you a guideline on the steps to follow.

What is a synthesis essay & how to write a synthesis essay

Mostly written by college or high school students, a synthesis essay is a five-paragraph essay explaining the question based on the writer’s point of view. However, the writer must use other resources and materials to gather information to support their arguments.

Therefore, like any other essay writing task, the writer has to get significant information from other sources to create a new argument that will bring forth a new discovery or simply explain a given point from existing material and sources.

The process of writing a synthesis essay involves the following steps:

  1. Selecting topics for synthesis essay
  2. Researching
  3. Writing the outline
  4. Writing the introduction
  5. Writing the body paragraphs
  6. Writing a conclusion
  7. Proofreading

How to title a synthesis essay: generating synthesis essay topic ideas

So, what does it take to choose the best synthesis essay topic? Below are quick tips to follow to settle on the ideal topic for your synthesis essay paper.

  • Consider a debatable topic

A synthesis essay requires people to argue and disagree on existing opinions. This means the topic should be highly arguable to get enough ideas to present.

  • Go for an interesting topic

There is nothing better than writing on a topic you love. Therefore, when deciding on a synthesis essay topic, narrow your focus on the things you love exploring. This will boost your morale in writing the best paper.

  • Avoid general topics

Some topics are too general. Therefore, ensure you narrow your focus to meet the target of writing the essay. For instance, if you are talking about students, ensure you narrow the focus. Instead of writing students, you can write university students to show the reader your focus is on specific (university) students.

35 Topics for synthesis essay

This section will give you synthesis essay topic ideas you can use when writing your essay.

Best topics to write a synthesis essay on

  1. Privacy risks associated with drones
  2. The role of technology in promoting culture entertainment
  3. How does artificial intelligence help in controlling overproduction?
  4. Is cryptocurrency bad?
  5. Explain how racism affects college admission
  6. Explain how class size determines student’s performance
  7. Global warming: what role does air pollution play?
  8. Is college education significant in the current labor market?
  9. Do you think manufacturing and selling tobacco should be illegal?

Fresh synthesis essay prompt ideas

  1. The significance of art in our daily life
  2. The role of music in learning
  3. Do you think prostitution legalization will impact divorce rates?
  4. Describe how people influence their own destiny
  5. Do you think graffiti is art?
  6. Describe a fiction and a fact
  7. Listening to an audiobook vs. reading a paper book
  8. How to sustain the current healthcare system in your country
  9. Should parents restrict their children from accessing violent content?

Good synthesis essay topics

  1. The role of media in the abuse of statistics
  2. Explain law, ethics, and science in relation to DNA profiling
  3. Rural areas: Access to good healthcare programs
  4. What is the significance of urban biodiversity?
  5. Does low family income affect child development?
  6. The role of social media influence on narcissism
  7. Cold war: what was the US culture like?
  8. The challenges male victims of domestic violence face
  9. Describe the risk factors associated with teenage suicide

Interesting topics for a synthesis essay

  1. Social media’s impact on the society
  2. Describe the global warming impact on people’s lives for the past thirty years
  3. Does dress code affect students’ performance?
  4. College athletes should be compensated
  5. Machine learning on business productivity
  6. Does improved technology create a gap between the poor and the rich?
  7. The impact of immigration on the US economy
  8. The significance of having pets


Are you almost writing a synthesis essay? Well, make this article your reference point, and everything else will fall in place.

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