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My Memory Day - 2018 Literary Art

My Memory DayNicole Dollwet

This piece is as an homage to Memorial Day. It is about losing loved ones through the legal system, which leaves people with feelings of grief, unexplainable loss, mourning, and being traumatized.
Nicole Dollwet is a single mother who was left homeless by the legal system when the magistrate cut her overall support by 75% during a time when she could not afford counsel. The judge upheld that decision while she was serving as the family caregiver of an aging parent. She went back to school in 2015 and earned her Paralegal Certificate from Kent State University in 2017. Nicole filed timely appeals to the appellate court and set the precedent "Shifting the Burden of Proof to the Non-Moving Party" in the Ninth District Court of Appeals in September, 2015.

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