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Nature in The Abstract - 2018 Visual Art

Nature in The AbstractMarc Braun

Nature in The AbstractMarc Braun
Nature is awe inspiring! As you focus in closer you can find many elements that appear as art. These photographs are part of a series of black and white images that appear, to me, like abstract art!
For over 43 years Marc Braun has enjoyed a career in advertising and commercial photography. He began his professional career with fine art photography showing his work in various art shows and festivals. In 1975 he was the first photographer admitted into The Boston Mills Art Festival. No matter the subject, he has won various local to national awards throughout his career. In the past two years he began developing a series of panoramic images taken mainly in the CVNP. His newest series is looking at nature as abstract art. All of the images shown were first captured using an IPhone. Many of these images are for sale at his website.

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