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You Don't Know Hot - 2018 Literary Art

You Don't Know HotS. Renay Sanders

"You Don't Know Hot" came to me after a heatwave. Growing up in Ohio with roots in Tennessee the poem is a fun reflection of the perceptions I encountered while caught between the north and south.
Renay learned to love the spoken word amidst a family of storytellers. She began secretly writing her own stories with a touch of rhythm, rhyme, and reflection not to mention alliteration. She came out of the poetry closet in 2010 with a poem in the Hessler Street Poetry Anthology. She has subsequently had poems in anthologies published by the Writing Knights and Poet’s Haven. Today she proudly lives the poetic lifestyle. Continuing to enjoy the local poetry scene as an open mic -er and occasional feature. A native Clevelander her poems are inspired by the characters she encounters in life and the beauty of the Cuyahoga Valley where she now resides.

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