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Sweeping Leaves My Day Off - 2018 Literary Art

Sweeping Leaves My Day OffRachel R. Pollock

Sweeping Leaves My Day OffRachel R. Pollock
Who here has not struggled with "the winds of change"? Change is inevitable for growth, we know. Who we are called to be may remain a hidden mystery to us if we don't "take a leap of faith". So, leap!
R. R. Pollock (Rachel Rebecca Pollock) eclectic writer, teacher and performer: is an on-again poet, a playwright, folklife storyteller and researcher. After publishing and “sealing” her first book of published poetry Closing Pandora’s Box (Topsail Press, Akron, 2002), she directed her attention to teaching and coaching stories. Pollock’s Storytelling Workshop (2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009) published multiple times in pedagogical journals, draws on the changing nature of personal identity to create new stories through a Personal Dictionary (by H.T. Barkman). Research grants to study “chaos narrative” (Wounded Storyteller, A. Frank) informed R.R.Pollock’s groundbreaking work in StoryCorps at the U.S. Library of Congress American Folklife Center that culminated in her first full-length play on mediated Deaf Culture in America, “Is: Listening On the Edge of Deaf America” (2007) and garnered international interest from the BBC. Her short play Remember How He Told You on the Easter story released February 2016 was published through a trust by the Muskingum Valley Presbytery. Today, Pollock, Associate Professor of Communication, Media and Theatre serves as the Director of Forensics (Competitive Public speaking, Performance and Debate) at Muskingum University in New Concord, Ohio. She provides pulpit supply for the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. and is the Artistic Director of BiGFiSHFOLKLiFE ( a Christian non-profit organization in New Concord, Ohio that provides worship, performance and retreat opportunities for artists and audiences. (A personal note) “My name is Rachel Pollock. I am forty four years old. By day, I work as assistant professor of Communication, Media and Theater for a Presbyterian-ish university in southeastern Ohio. By night and eighteen weeks of glorious summer vacation a year, I transform into a storyteller with a dual mission: run a tiny house Christian retreat center for artists and use Fringe Theater to travel the international landscape. To pursue this dream, nineteen months ago, my husband, two teen-aged sons and I moved just outside of town to rural Appalachia. I wrote this poem in the studio apartment above the garage overlooking 70 acres, a place that provides me perspective and quiet inspiration just a short walk from home. My husband and I co-founded BiGFiSH FOLKLiFE to share our God-entrusted space and resources so artists who need to experience retreat and community can creatively grow. ”

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