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Dreams of a Rust-Belt Beaver - 2018 Literary Art

Dreams of a Rust-Belt BeaverAlan S. Ambrisco

This poem adopts the persona of a lone beaver, fleeing his past, who seeks to build a home in a rust-belt city that itself is trying to recover from the rusted-out shards of the past.
I am a Professor of English at The University of Akron, where I teach poetry writing workshops and courses in medieval and later British literature. I’m also married and helping my wife Bridget raise two young children to be loving, creative and optimistic, a considerable challenge given I was raised in a broken home where love and hope were four-letter words we didn’t use. A product of the rust-belt myself, I’ve lived my whole life in rust-belt communities in Western New York, Indiana, and now Northeast Ohio. The rust-belt taught me how to be a poet, taught me how to accept—and make beauty from—the shards of the past still scattered around me. My poems have appeared in Great Lakes Review, Kindred, The Red Rock Review, Sheepshead Review, and Whiskey Island Magazine, among others.

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