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Be Unique - 2018 Visual Art

Be UniqueTheodore A. Maringer

Be UniqueTheodore A. Maringer
Fiberglass screen, commercial cotton, rayon and cotton thread.
Theodore A. Maringer, Artist’s Bio All of my current works have been created by a sense of journeying to something deeper than emotion. As I compare them, the past work lacks the emotional and psychological core that the newest pieces have for me. In the past, I created just to create. Now, I am making what I feel are true connections with the pieces I am creating, and I am creating personally authentic work. There was a time of my life when I had no control. I was told what to do, when to do it and how to feel. As my life journey unfolded and my awareness increased, the chaos subsided and understanding evolved. The early traumas of my life made it impossible to create the art I desired. Therapy made it possible for me to understand my life, and the understanding made it possible for me to create my current work. I am excited about the work I anticipate making now.

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